From TFW to PR

Letting go is something I’m not good at, which probably explains the abundance of paper that has acquired permanent residence in my pigeonhole where I work. A new year has already begun: I should move on and stop holding on to the fleeting and the temporal, and to pieces of paper that should have been long fed to the shredder. While trying to unclutter my space and my mundane existence, I noticed that my phone has accumulated a number of screenshots, most of which were taken every time I celebrated any semblance of progress in my PR application processing. Allow me to present, using those screenshots, the timeline of my transition from temporary foreign worker to permanent resident here in Canada.

01 November 2013: arrival in Canada from the Philippines and start of employment in British Columbia

Since November 2013, I’ve been working in Golden, a town in southeastern British Columbia, Canada, located 262 kilometres (163 mi) west of Calgary, Alberta and 713 kilometres (443 mi) east of Vancouver.

19 July 2014: IELTS exam in Calgary

16111807_10154966946398809_1537720320_n 16111936_10154966946408809_1366085599_n

25 November 2014: BC PNP application couriered

27 November 2014: application received by BC PNP

17 December 2014: BC PNP AOR email


17 September 2015: BC PNP nomination (not valid for Express Entry) issued with WP application support letter

20 October 2015: WP application couriered

27 October 2015: PR application under PNC couriered

29 October 2015: PR application received by IRCC

31 October 2015: WP expiry and start of implied status

08 February 2016: PR application AOR and start of processing

16145761_10154989701523809_107014068_o 16244133_10154992831913809_126855743_n

11 February 2016: WP issued


20 May 2016: reminder email (RPRF payment)


21 July 2016: additional info request (Schedule A and Bahrain Police Certificate)


02 August 2016: Schedule A delivered via Canada Post


05 August 2016: email to link paper application to online account

15556420_10154989787968809_48269877_o 16176692_10154989798203809_651116702_n 16216286_10154989798193809_690464810_n

05 August 2016: Bahrain PC submitted via CSE

16176019_10154979980293809_1054193165_n 16196721_10154989809203809_1545134749_o

14 September 2016: medical exam instructions




21 September 2016: medical in Calgary

22 September 2016: a background check is needed – not needed at this time (MyCIC)


05 October 2016: review of medical results – passed (MyCIC)

16176213_10154989883398809_1716082374_n 16216155_10154989883583809_1676552161_n 16237974_10154989883483809_167408335_n

23 October 2016: online BOWP application

18 November 2016: a background check is needed – in progress (MyCIC)


24 November 2016: BOWP approval


07 January 2017: decision made (ECAS)

16176601_10154989925103809_1245714576_n 16237301_10154989925068809_1040116620_n

10 January 2017: passport request email


11 January 2017: passport couriered

16 January 2017: passport received by IRCC


24 January 2017: application/profile status – closed (MyCIC)

26 January 2017: passport and CoPR received from IRCC

28 January 2017: exit and re-entry at land border

30 January 2017: SIN record amended by taking the CoPR and passport to Service Canada

PR card received mid-March 2017


7 thoughts on “From TFW to PR

  1. A motivational story indeed.. by the way how did you get TFW? I AM CIVIL ENGINEER in dubai since 2011 can ai apply? My ielts is 7 overall


  2. Very inspiring..I a.m tfw and now waiting for my nominee.iam motivated and more willing to wait for the next step. Even its long journey to Face but Still worth IT.thanks kuya for sharing your story.


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